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180-Degree Autorotation: Stop the Carnage!

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During the last quarter of 2017 (October 2017 – December 2017), there were three (3) helicopter accidents within the Instructional/Training segment. This represented 16% of the total accidents that occurred during that timeframe. Of those accidents, 1 was fatal. Although there has been a reduction in the number of helicopter training accidents, the maneuvers in which many of our accidents occur remain steady. Of those maneuvers, the 180-degree autorotation remains near the top of the list. [Read More...]

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Writing a Book for Loved Ones

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Whenever I am doing book signings the most common statement I hear is, “You know I’ve always wanted to write a book.” I look up from the book I’m signing at the person who said it, usually a pilot, and I say, “Well why don’t you then?” [Read More...]

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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - January 2018

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Good to see you survived another year. As I mentioned last month, we will be using the Lama-Nator’s “daily inspection tip format” on other helicopter models for this year’s tips and tricks. And the first stop will be the ever present Bell 407. [Read More...]

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