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To Become A Writer

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Are you interested in becoming a writer? A young helicopter pilot by the name of Taylor heard me speak at Helisuccess in Las Vegas and sent me an email saying he, too, had an interest in writing and wanted to know what the writing process was like for me, what was the tipping point where I decided to write and WHY. Here is my answer to him. [Read More...]

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Advanced Helicopter Training…Is It Safe?

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I recently had the opportunity to conduct advanced helicopter training with a group of pilots from a large domestic helicopter company. The maneuvers consisted of touchdown autorotations, FADEC failures, tail-rotor malfunctions, and other various emergencies unique to the company’s mission segment. The training sessions were conducted during both day and night conditions. At night, all maneuvers are conducted while using Night Vision Goggles (NVG). [Read More...]

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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - November 2018

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Being a history buff, I run across some unique stuff. Like this one: This past October, 62 years ago, the first Bell Huey flew as the XH-40. While the Sikorsky R-4 and the Bell 47 gave the world a viable helicopter, it was the Huey and its performance in Vietnam that gave us the industry we call home. [Read More...]

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