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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - December 2018

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A lot of flying going on in California last month covering the fires. While I never directly worked in that type of ops, I have seen them in action during the day and the mechanics during the night. A sight to see. [Read More...]

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The Confidence Cliff | When Experience Really Matters!

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Within the dynamic realm of helicopter flight, exuberance and sometimes overconfidence fills the cockpit in the form of eager aviators. They are called helicopter pilots! Each day, helicopters perform missions that serve the public in a variety of ways: air medical, law enforcement, firefighting, and even tourism, just to name a few. Rotorcraft provide the ability to go places not usually accessible to the average person. Helicopter pilots often spend years learning their craft and gaining the experience required to conduct more complex, and often better paying, helicopter pilot jobs. However, the experience gained in hours may not accurately reflect the experience required in proficiency. [Read More...]

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Now I know what my Dog's Thinking

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When operating an aircraft with the latest glass cockpit technology a common observation is: “Now I know what my dog’s thinking when he watches TV.” There’s another common comment as well, “What’s it doing now?” [Read More...]

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