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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - June 2018

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As the maintenance end of the industry continues its shift to a new safety culture, more articles are being written on the topic. I ran across two articles from 2016 that give a different viewpoint on where maintenance operations are going. [Read More...]

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FAA Inspector Wanted…Experience Required, Rarely Utilized!

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Periodically, I have the privilege of assisting Part 135 operators with temporary management and training position services. My role may include providing instructor and/or check pilot services for their Part 135 Operating Certificate. In many cases, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) inability to support an operator training and checking program is driven by their [FAA Inspector} lack of experience and/or currency in the aircraft operated by the Part 135 certificate hold [Read More...]

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You are Safety’s Gatekeeper!

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It’s tragic when several pilots point out safety concerns to management, nothing is done to remedy the problem, and people lose their lives because the problem was not addressed. A possible example occurred on 11 March 2018 when a Liberty Helicopters’ FlyNYON aircraft crashed in New York’s East River causing five people to lose their lives by drowning. Details in a New York Times article on the tragedy stated: “Pilots for the company that operated the flight warned their bosses about dangerous conditions, including equipment that could make escape difficult.” [Read More...]

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