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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - July 2018

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Last month’s tip, the one concerning the Alouette III brakes, left me feeling less than satisfied. There is another brakes-related accident I want to describe along with some other comments to emphasize the importance of airworthy brakes. [Read More...]

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It’s a Helicopter…What More Do I Need to Know?

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For me, my career in helicopters began with a keen interest in understanding how a helicopter worked. I wanted to know how did it fly? How did the rotor blades stay fixed to the aircraft while turning so rapidly? These questions were only a few of the points that made helicopter flight turn from interest to passion in my life. My story isn’t unique among the helicopter family. As a matter of fact, its relatively common place to hear such stories. However, many of the up-and-coming helicopter enthusiasts today lack interest in the machine; a fact that may lead to a deadly form of boredom known as complacency! [Read More...]

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Flight Nurse's Quote

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On the 13th of June flight nurse Jonathan Godfrey, posted the following missive on his Facebook page. Jonathan is an air medical helicopter crash survivor and stanch air medical safety advocate in the industry. His post serves to remind others in the business to stay vigilant and not to be lulled into a sense of complacency. What he so eloquently says in his message is worthy to be reposted here for his observations apply to anyone in our business. Here is what Jonathan said. [Read More...]

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