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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info… and a Laugh - February 2019

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Unfortunately, the last month hasn’t been kind to the industry. Several tragic events: AW139 hit a zipline in flight, a pilot was struck by 230 M/R blades during ground ops, a midair between an Astar and fixed wing, and an EMS 407 hit trees during cruise. Luckily, in the fifth incident, where a Skycrane contacted water during fire ops, everyone made it out okay. [Read More...]

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Objective vs. Subjective Teaching….

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It is common within flight instruction for the subject matter being presented to have a theme of “my instructor taught me this way.” Often, flight instructors only have the experience gained during their own training program to impart to their students. In many cases, this is acceptable; after all, it was [their] flight instructor that facilitated the learning process, thus an inference to an instructor’s methods when they received their training is normal. However, did their Instructor teach from an objective or subjective perspective? [Read More...]

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Plato's Cave

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I attended the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) HAI Symposium held at Heli-Expo in Louisville entitled “Safety and the Bottom Line” and learned that in the team’s accident analysis it was revealed that 84% of accidents included a Standard Problem Statement of “Pilot Judgment & Actions.” Good crew resource management practices seemingly would ‘cure’ that malady. So why haven’t they? The answer lies in Plato’s Cave. [Read More...]

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