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Helicopter Operations…True Measure of Helicopter Safety?

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Every month I receive a Monthly Accident Briefing from the Federal Aviation Administration. I find the information compelling and relevant to my role as a helicopter educator. The data is very well packaged supported by pie charts, diagrams, and links to actual helicopter accident reports that occurred during the current reporting period. [Read More...]

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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info… and a Laugh - March 2019

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Things don’t appear to be getting any better in the GOM. With the current oil price stagnant and helicopter demand at historical lows, those affected may be in for a longer ride than expected. [Read More...]

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Reader Follow Up to “Now I know What My Dog’s Thinking” article

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Initial training at the start of my airline career, after active duty with the Marines, flying both rotor and fixed wing, was performed in-aircraft in a Saab SF-340A. The Saab had a full glass cockpit at a time when most airliners still had steam gauges. My training partner, who had a USCG background, both rotor and fixed wing as well, and corporate flying was having trouble with the transition to glass instruments. After several less-than-satisfactory flights, during a study session, he asked me how to determine which way the aircraft was turning. I was shocked that he still looked at the instruments like your dog watching TV. He didn’t make it through training. [Read More...]

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