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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, Info… and a Laugh - June 2019

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Looks like a new helicopter manufacturer is coming to town. There had been talk of a company taking over the old/new Bell building located at the Lafayette, LA airport. For those who remember, Bell was slated to build the 505 at this location, but back out for various reasons. [Read More...]

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Know Your Aircraft

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I gave a CRM class at a helicopter air medical flight program recently and something occurred that reminded me why it’s imperative that pilots know their aircraft. The incident happened when I was given a tour of the hospital’s aircraft by the program director and one of the pilots on duty who was a former Black Hawk pilot in the Army. The aircraft looked brand new and I could see it had everything a pilot could ask for to help them while flying in VMC or IMC conditions. [Read More...]

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Instructional Recalibration

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Training toward your flight instructor (CFI) certificate is often a long and arduous process. Countless hours of curriculum development and practice gaining the skill sets to safely and effectively transfer knowledge to a future flock of fledgling aviators. The effort put forth to obtain the coveted CFI certificate is valuable. For many, this is their entry into the ranks of being a helicopter aficionado. Once the CFI is obtained, is retraining for the flight instructor valuable? [Read More...]

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