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Proof, CRM does work to prevent an accident!

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On January 29th of this year, (2019) a Survival Flight Inc. helicopter was on a flight to pick up a patient from a hospital in Pomeroy, Ohio, when it crashed in snowy conditions killing all three occupants. The crew members were pilot Jennifer Topper, 34; nurse Bradley Haynes, 48; and nurse Rachel Cunningham, 33, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. “Any loss of life is tragic, and this is heartbreaking,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Robert Sellers said. This was “first responders flying in adverse conditions to help somebody else.” [Read More...]

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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, Info… and a Laugh - July 2019

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For all you drone enthusiasts out there, there have been a few changes to the recreational side rules. While personally I haven’t been bitten by that bug yet, it will be interesting whether there will be a FAA regimented maintenance side to the equation as these drones grow in size. Time will tell. [Read More...]

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The Accident That Didn’t Happen…An Alternative Reality!

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One year ago, a series of events led to the creation of helicopter accident data points. If the accidents didn’t happen, what would an alternative reality look like? [Read More...]

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