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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, Info… and a Laugh - August 2019

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Sometimes the simplest of tasks cause the greatest of errors. And unfortunately are usually the easiest to prevent. Read the reports below and make some mental notes so you won’t be caught in the same predicament. [Read More...]

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Autorotation Fly-Through | A Potentially Dangerous Compromise

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An increasing number of helicopter flight schools have reduced emphasis on the flare portion of the autorotation due to over-speeding. I’m told the risks of an over-speed outweigh the benefit the student experiences by conducting a positive flare in the early stages of autorotation training. It seems consensus among helicopter flight school leadership is that a gentle reduction in forward velocity to an approximate 30-knot ground speed is enough, and a go-around from this point in the maneuver is the safest solution. To be very clear, this is a dangerous compromise! [Read More...]

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Velvet Elvis

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“Don’t make yourself famous,” is advice a pilot at Abu Dhabi Aviation gave me on one of my first flights with the company. His meaning: Do not do something stupid to put yourself in the spotlight of management or the other pilots. [Read More...]

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