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Wendy’s Tour

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As helicopter pilots we often never know the impact we can make on a person’s life. That thought came to mind when I read my good friend’s excellent book, The Sky Behind Me written by Byron Edgington, which I can recommend without reservation. [Read More...]

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Helicopter Flight Below VFR Minimums…A Very Slippery Slope?

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On January 26th, 2020, an S76 helicopter collided with terrain killing all nine (9) passengers onboard. The weather at the time of the accident supported a theory that weather may have been a causal factor. All aircraft accidents are bad for the industry; however, this accident helicopter was carrying a high-profile passenger which brought international attention to the situation. The immediate question is why an extremely weather capable helicopter wasn’t transitioned to IFR in lieu of continued flight in less-than-VFR conditions. [Read More...]

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