Seminar Testimonials

Here is what people had to say about the Heli-SUCCESS! 2 Day Career Development Seminar and Networking Event:

I wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts to produce a great event. The seminar, for me, was both confirmation and motivation. It helped to confirm a lot of the research I had been doing and helped me realize that I was looking in the right direction. The seminar also served to motivate me to continue to push in the direction that I would like to see my aviation career advance. – Tom G.
Thank you for the everything you and your staff did to make the seminar and job fair a success. It was incredibly informative and motivating. I am one of those 300 hour CFII's looking for my first job to build my hours. – Bruce B.
I would like to thank you for the time you took out of your schedule to organize and speak at the recent helicopter seminar. I thought the information you gave was beneficial and answered many of my questions. I felt that the focus of the seminar was professionalism, and I think you are absolutely correct. Along with professionalism comes an attitude of safety and customer service that the industry needs. I look forward to future seminars that will enhance our abilities as pilots to achieve the highest level of professionalism we can. Thanks again for all you do for the industry! – Robert S.

Thanks again for presenting such an outstanding seminar. I learned a lot and ran into some old friends I didn't expect to see there. It was refreshing to meet so many pilots with the same concerns and goals as me and I plan to attend next year, no matter the venue. – Lee O.

First and foremost, thank you so much for the event this past weekend in Las Vegas. The speakers were top notch and the topics were all relevant and applicable to pilots and mechanics of all experience levels. I had a couple of students from my school in attendance, and they also provided glowing reviews. Thank you once again for a great event, and I look forward to many more! – Mark S
I just wanted to say thanks for the seminar there was some great information given for me to use as I get closer to finishing my training. Thanks for what you are doing for the industry. – Danny R.
I just wanted to thank you for putting on a great event, and let you know that your efforts are appreciated. Job well done. - Jeff W.
Thanks again for a great seminar. I will be attending whenever possible in the future. Sincerely - Jeff T.
I attended the seminar in Vegas last month, it was great, very informative. Thank you. - Miles L.
The seminar was indeed a great experience. I would definitely recommend it to my students should you do it again. I really appreciated all the speakers and the stories they offered. I will be using the ideas and information presented for years to come! Sincerely, Chris C.
I want to thank you for putting on the seminar I wished I had more time to talk with you but I could see that you time was very valuable that day. I found the seminar very helpful in understanding how and what my next move will be in this industry. - Regards, Greg G.
Great seminar…very informative for a military transitioner like me! Thanks! – John G.
I didn't get the chance to say hello this weekend but I just wanted to say thanks for putting together a great seminar, and for finding room for me to attend at the last minute. The info that was presented and those that presented it were great and well thought out. I look forward to attending again. – Matt H.

I just wanted to thank you for the seminar in October, it led to my employment with Sundance Helicopters in Vegas, I hope you will continue the Seminar, and if you ever need any help coordinating, let me know I would be more than happy to help. - Cody B.

Thank you for the personal advice you gave me during the seminar.  We talked at the end of the first day, quite a while after it was over.  I appreciate that you stayed late to offer a few of us your time and insight. The seminar was a big help for me.  I'm a former military guy, sand the part that benefited me the most was gaining perspective from an employer's point of view. - John D.

Just a quick thank you for putting together this years seminar, it was very informative on our industry and it's outlook. It was a pleasure to actually meet you as well as thank you in person for your integrity. Thank you again for another successful Heli-Success! - Jennifer B.

I found the job seminar that you had in Las Vegas was very informative, especially the over all view of the market even though all the news wasn’t good.  I had a chance to ask you a question about my situation and you recommended that I pursue my ATP.   Thank you for that advice.  I didn’t have the opportunity to complete the opinion survey. I would like to take this moment to say that I wouldn’t change anything except I would include the spouses next time, because they have a vested interest.  Thank you again. - Luke S.

It was a pleasure meeting you at last weekends conference.  Thanks again for taking the time to put this together.  I have a corporate training background, so know how much work it takes to put on one of these seminars.  Everything was well executed.  The $125 entry fee was a great value... the networking alone was worth the price of entry. - Alan B.

All of the speakers were amazing. I feel like their presentations were educational for those not yet in the commercial industry, and gave hope to those of us looking to advance. It was an amazing opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone. - Nina K.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a great seminar, I took a lot away from it, and am really looking forward to taking that "next" step in my helicopter career. - Ty B.

I thoroughly enjoyed the past two days at Heli Success!  The guest speakers were outstanding presenters. Every moment was upbeat and positive.  Even the attendees were a delight to meet-all those youngsters, full of dreams and energy. You organized a great event.  Thanks. - Ken T.