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You can work in garment, laundry, mechanical factories with salary from 1200-1500 USD or you can do translation, teach Vietnamese for Korean people, Korean interpreters, tour guides. for tourists with a salary of 150-200USD / day. Studying in the form of studying and doing in Korea is currently popular among Vietnamese international students. And it is recognized that the education level of the Korean people is an important factor contributing to the rapid economic growth, making Korea one of the countries with the most developed economies. early Asia. In addition to facing anxiety and anxiety when going to work illegally, international students have to work very hard, in the harsh conditions of winter, when they can lose money. Despite the strict Korean regulations, Vietnamese students still find ways to circumvent the job search law to cover expenses and send money home to their families. This led to some people who were too focused on coming to Korea but did not have foreign language capital, faced many difficulties, and part-time jobs when they did not know the language of manual labor, were also easily deceived. . Getting a few hundred million to the majority of international students is very difficult, but many families are willing to borrow money for their children to go abroad, then do part-time jobs and send money home to repay. Many overseas study centers create the prospect of light and free schooling, with part-time jobs of up to 2-3 million won / month (40-60 million dong), which can be spent and sent money home. family. TTO - Leaving school, truant school to work illegally to make money is the situation happened many Vietnamese students in Korea today. For you to be more convenient when doing the procedures to study in Korea. Finance is not a condition for studying in Korea, but if you do not prepare enough money to study and live in Korea, it is like plowing and forgetting buffaloes. ” I have been to almost every company doing overseas study services in Hanoi and HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City, but almost all did not mention the health conditions to study in South Korea, although 100% of the children will lose money to attend medical examination according to the regulations on studying abroad in Korea signed between Vietnam - Korea. See more : lớp học tiếng hàn giao tiếp tại đà nẵng

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