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Simpson Loft - Spinal surgery using decompression techniques -

Simpson Loft - Laminotomy. This procedure aims to reduce the pressure on the spinal cord by cutting a portion of the lamina, which is the back of the spinal column, so that the pressure on the spinal cord can subside. - Laminectomy. It is almost the same as laminotomy, but in laminectomy the entire spinal lamina will be removed. Laminectomy can help reduce inflammation due to pressure on the spinal nerves, although it is not immediately felt after this procedure.

Simpson Loft - Discectomy. This procedure aims to relieve pressure on the spinal cord due to the abnormal shape of the spinal discs and experience herniation or protrusion (nucleus pulposus hernia). Disectomy is done by cutting the spinal discs, so that there is more space for the spinal nerves and the pressure on the nerves will decrease by itself. Disectomy can be combined with laminectomy for maximum results.

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